Locarno Treaties medal by Pierre Turin, France, 1925.

The Locarno Treaties were negotiated at Locarno, Switzerland between 5 and16 October 1925. The Western European Allied powers of First World War and the new states of central and Eastern Europe secured post-war territorial settlement in return normalizing relations with Germany.

The medal was reported in a 1928 newspaper as being the "first in a series intended to commemorate great international events, most of which will be chosen around the central theme of world peace".

Turin was an accomplished French Art Deco medallist who won numerous awards after attending the Ecole des Beaux-Arts.

Obverse Description

Female figure of Peace stands with an olive branch in her hand. In the background is a picturesque scene of the city of Locano where the Locarno Treaties took place in 1925.

Reverse Description

Two sheaths of wheat and an olive branch with text; 'MUTUA FIDE CARITAS GENERIS HUMANI RESTITUITUR' (The Love of Humanity is Being Revived by Mutual Good Will).

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