Medal Conquest of Egypt, Issued by Napoleon Bonaparte (Emperor Napoleon I), France, 1798
Artists: D.V. Denon & N. Brenet
Minted by Paris Mint (1809)

Obverse Description

Bust of Napoleon almost facing (slightly to left) wearing a lotus wreath; on truncation, J. JOUANNIN. F. DENON D.

Reverse Description

Napoleon standing in a triumphal chariot drawn by two camels, richly caparisoned with Egyptian ornaments, on the side of the chariot are suspended two Egyptian quivers with arrows; one full, the other nearly empty; they approach Cleopatra's needle in the foreground, and Pompey's pillar in the background; above, Victory flies to right and crowns Napoleon with a laurel wreath while holding a palm branch; in exergue, L'EGYPTE COQUISE / MDCCXCVII; in tiny letters near rim, BRENET. F. DENON. D.

Edge Description


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