Gold coin; Denomination: Unite
Royal Mint, London
James I (1603-1625), Second Coinage

This Unite was current at 22 shillings (it had been 20 shillings until 1612).

Obverse Description

Crowned half-length figure of the King facing right wearing decorated armour and holding a sceptre tipped with a lis and orb; around, (Mm. cinquefoil) IACOBVS D G MA BRI FRA ET HI REX (translation: James by the Grace of God King of Great Britain France and Ireland)

Reverse Description

Crowned and garnished Royal shield quartered with the arms of England and France in the first and fourth quarters, Scotland and Ireland, dividing the letters IR; around, (Mm. cinquefoil) FACIAM EOS IN GENTEM UNAM (translation: I will make them one nation)

Edge Description


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