Tin coin with a copper plug; Denomination: Farthing
Royal Mint, London
King Charles II (1660-1685)

In 1684 it was decided to issue the farthing in tin with a copper plug to make forgery difficult. The edge legend, servant of the coinage in Latin, reflects the fact that this was a token coin - the value of metal it contained was less than the current value of the coin. Profit to the state of this production was 40% and it is recorded that part of the reason for the move away from copper was to assist tin mining.

Obverse Description

Laureate bust of Charles II wearing armour facing left; around, CAROLVS . A . CAROLO

Reverse Description

Britannia seated facing left on a globe, extending an olive branch and holding a spear, her left hand rests on a shield decorated with the crosses of St. George and St. Andrew; around, BRITANNIA.

Edge Description

In raised letters, NVMMORVM * FAMVLVS * 1684 * (some letters lost to edge corrosion; translation, servant of the coinage)

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