Bronze One Penny Token, mint unknown. Issued by R. Gratten, Thames Hotel, Auckland, 1872. The Thames Hotel, was run by R. Gratten in 1872. It stood at the corner of Queen and Customs Streets in Auckland. Robinson suggests that the name connects the hotel with the gold fields in New Zealand's South Island, and that fights between patrons at the end of the evening were a common event.

Physical Description

A round bronze token (31 mm diameter) featuring the name and business of the company that issued the tokens: R. Gratten Thames Hotel Auckland. The reverse features a Maori in paddling a dog-headed canoe within a fern wreath and the date 1872. This token has been cleaned.

Obverse Description

Lehend in three lines: THAMES HOTEL / R. GRATTEN / AUCKLAND

Reverse Description

At centre within a wreath of fern fronds, a Maori paddling left in a canoe. The canoe is decorated with geometric patterns and has a dog head carved prow.

Edge Description


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