Medal Crossing the Tagliamento Pass, Issued by France, 1797 (Year 5 of the Republic)
Artist: Lavy

Obverse Description

The river god of the Tagliamento gestures the French troops to pass, the Austrians flee on the right; in exergue, PASSAGE DU TAGLIAMENTO / PRISE / DE TRIESTE; the artist's name, LAVY, on the right of the exergue line

Reverse Description

At centre within a closed wreath, A / L'ARMEE / D' ITALIE; around, LOI DU 15. GERMINAL. AN 5ME. DE LA REP

Edge Description



"This would be the last medal memorializing particular actions of the Army of Italy during Napoleon's first Italian campaign; although Bonaparte had renewed his offensive at the end of March 1797 and was driving north toward Vienna, no more battles of note were fought. Only three days after the decree of the Corps-Législatif that had honored the latest achievements of the Army of Italy, Archduke Charles, the Austrian commander, asked for and received an armistice on 7 April 1797. The preliminary peace was signed at Leoben on 18 April, and the final Treaty of Campo Formio was signed in October 1797, bringing the campaign to a close and making Bonaparte a national hero." Source: Hanley, Wayne;The Genesis of Napolionic Propaganda, 1796-1799, Columbia University Press, Chapter 5 (

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