France Paris
Medal - Universal Exhibition, Paris Prize 1867 (AD)
Mint: Paris
Awarded to: von Mueller, Ferdinand (Baron)
Other Details: In the second half of the 19th century, many Victorians participated in international exhibitions to promote export of their products. Sir Redmond Barry led a Victorian delegation to Paris in 1867, and was awarded this medal. Barry is best remembered for his remarkable influence on the cultural life of Victoria through his role as founder of both the University of Melbourne and the Melbourne Public Library, now the State Library of Victoria. He also founded or helped to found the Athenaeum, the Melbourne Club, the Philharmonic Society, the Royal Society of Victoria and the Melbourne Hospital.

Physical Description

A silver prize medal (50 mm diameter) awarded to Baron Ferdinand von Mueller featuring a laureate head of Napoleon III and details on the exhibition and prize

Obverse Description

Laureate head of Napoleon III facing left, around, NAPOLEON III EMPERUR an in small letters below the head the artist's name H. PONSCARME F.

Reverse Description

Around on a broad rim formed by a line and bead circle, EXPOSITION UNIVERSELLE DE MDCCCLXVII A PARIS * RECOMPENSES *; at centre, FERDINAND MULLER (sic)

Edge Description

Impressed ARGENT (beside a small bee)

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