Gold coin: Denomination: Guinea
Tower Mint, London
King James II (1685-1688)

The guinea remained current at 20 shillings during the reign of James II. Its weight had been reduced to 129 39/89 grains in 1670 (from the original 131 29/41 grains when first produced in 1662) to preserve the silver to gold ratio.

Obverse Description

Laureate bust of James II facing left; around, IACOBVS . II . DEI . GRATIA (second bust)

Reverse Description

Four crowned shields, bearing the arms of England Scotland France and Ireland, arranged to form a cross; in the angles four septres surmounted by and orb, thistle, harp and lis; around, MAG . BR . FRA . ET . HIB REX 1686, the date being divided by the crown above the English shield. The second half of the date is difficult to read

Edge Description

diagonal milled, ///

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