Gold coin; Denomination: Angel
Royal Mint, London (Tower Mint)
Queen Mary I (1553-1554) sole reign

Under Mary the current value of the gold coins was: Sovereign (20 shillings), Ryal (15 shillings) Angel (10 shillings) and Half-angel (5 shillings)

Obverse Description

The winged archangel, St. Michael standing front, head right on a fallen dragon piercing it in the head with a cross tipped spear; around, MARIA (mm. pomegranate) D G ANG FRA Z HIB REGI (annulet stops).

Reverse Description

Ship to right with mast in the form of a cross, surmounted by a top-castle and dividing the letter M and a rose; in front of mast, Royal shield quartered with the arms of England and France; around, A DNO FACTV EST ISTVD (mm. pomegranate) Z EST MIRABI (pellet stops) (translation: This is the Lord's doing and it is marvellous).

Edge Description


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