Proof 2 Cyprus Shillings, Issued by, Cyprus, 1947
Minted by Royal Mint, London

Obverse Description

Crowned head of George VI facing left; around, GEORGIVS VI DEI GRA. REX ET IND. IMP.; the artist's initials, PM, below the neck truncation

Reverse Description

Two heraldic lions to left (two lions passant guardant); around, + TWO CYPRUS SHILLINGS * 1947

Edge Description



After World War II the price of silver caused many countries to move away from that metal for their coinage, Cyprus had requested a return to silver in 1945 but the request could not be met. The denomination had been 18 Piastres before the war and equated to 2 shillings, now, with the new alloy, came a change in the denomination on the coin.

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