Orichalcum dupondius issued by the Ancient Roman Republic, 45 BC
Issuing Authority: CAESAR DIcirca TER. (Julius Caesar as Dictator)
Moneyer: C. CLOVI PRAEF (C. Clovius)
Struck at the Rome mint

Obverse Description

Draped bust of winged Victory facing right; to right, CAESAR DIC. TE[R]

Reverse Description

Minerva advancing to the left holding trophy over left shoulder and a shield; in front, a snake; around, C. CLOVI PRAEF

Edge Description



The issue marked a return to the production of base metal coinage for Rome. Orichalcum bacame an important coining alloy during the early period of the Roman Empire. Crawford suggests the issue of small denomination coins was driven by "the demands of military finance" (Crawford M., Coinage and Money under the Roman Republic, p.243)

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