Medal Naissance du Roi de Rome, 'Birth of the King of Rome', Issued by France, 1811
Artist: Bertrand Andrieu and Bertrand Jouannin
Minted by Paris Mint

Obverse Description

Bust of infant facing left; on bust truncation, ANDRIEU F.; around, NAPOLEON FRANCOIS JOSEPH CHARLES, ROI DE ROME. below, XX MARS MDCCCXI.

Reverse Description

Draped and veiled female figure, infant held in her left arm; around, NAISSANCE DU ROI DE ROME.; in small lettering near rim, DENON. D. and JOUANNIN.; in exergue, M DCCCXI.

Edge Description



"The birth of this Prince, designated by the title of king of Rome, was announced to the city of Paris by the firing of cannon immediately on the accouchement of the Empress. All Paris was in anxious suspense, it being usual on the birth of a princess to fire a round of 21 guns, and on that of a prince 101 discharges, the anxiety of the populace waiting in silence, and counting the 21 discharges cannot be described: on the report being heard of the twenty-second gun, their rapture knew no bounds, and exclamations of Vive l'Empereur! &c. filled the air in all directions; the promenades, the streets, houses, and public assemblies were all full of people; in fact, the whole population of Paris were at the moment silent, and absorbed in counting the number of the discharges. The powers of Europe on this occasion also sent the most distinguished persons of their courts to compliment the Emperor and Empress. The Emperor of Russia sent his minister of the interior, the Emperor of Austria, the Count Clary, one of the highest officers of the state, who was charged with a present for the young Prince of a diamond collar of all the orders of the Austrian monarchy." Laskey p. 194-195

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