Denarius serratus issued by the Ancient Roman Republic in 71 BC
Moneyer: MN. AQVIL MN. F MN. N (Mn. Aquillius)
Minted in Rome

Obverse Description

Helmeted bust of Virtus facing right; around, VIRTVS III VIR

Reverse Description

Warrior standing facing right holding a shield across his body while assisting a fasllen figure to rise with his left hand; around, MN. AQVIL MN.F MN N (all 'MN' in monogram form)

Edge Description



The reverse type is a reference to the success of the grandfather of the moneyer, also called Manius Aquillius. In 101 BC, while sharing the consulship with Marius, the grandfather ended the Slave War in Sicily, personally killing the rebel leader.

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