Silver coin; Denomination: Shilling
Southwark Mint, London
Edward VI (1547-1553) Third Coinage, base silver

The base silver Third Coinage of Edward VI, was the first issue on which a date appeared on English coinage. The date is in Latin numerals. This coin is dated MDLI (1551).

Obverse Description

Crowned bust of the King facing right; around, (mm. lis) EDVVARD VI D G AGL FRA Z HIB REX (translation: Edward VI by the Grace of God King of England, France and Ireland)

Reverse Description

Garnished oval Royal shield, quartered with the arms of England and France, dividing the letters ER; around, (mm lis) TIMOR DOMINI FONS VITAE MDLI (translation: The fear of the Lord is a fountain of life 1551). Double striking in area of date.

Edge Description


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