Base silver coin; Denomination, styca
York mint under Archbishop Wulfhere (854 - circa 900)
Moneyer: Eardwulf.

Wulfhere was the archbishop of York when Northumbria was conquered by the Danes in 867. He was the last Archbishop to issue styca coins these should be dated pre 867. When the Northumbrians rebelled against the Danes Wulfhere sought refuge in Mercia from 872 until 873 and after his return remained archbishop until his death. After Wulfhere it was to be eight years before another archbishop of York was consecrated.

Obverse Description

At the centre a cross within an annulet; around, VVFRARFH... (some letters retrograde others difficult to interpret)

Reverse Description

A central cross; around, + ...DVVLF.

Edge Description


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