Silver Emergency coin; Denomination: Dollar
George III (1760-1820)

Counterstamped Spanish American 8 Real coin issued by Treasury with a value of 4 shillings 9 pence to supplement a deficiency in British silver coins (Grueber p. 150). The original coin a 1787 F.M. 8 Real from the Mexico City Mint, Mexico (KM#106.2a)

Obverse Description

At the centre of the original coin obverse a small octagonal counterstamp bearing a laureate bust of George III facing right. The original coin has a laureate and draped bust of Charles III facing right; around, CAROLUS III DEI GRATIA 1787

Reverse Description

Crowned square topped shield quartered with lions and castles between two pillars; incuse on ribbon draped around pillars, PLUS ULTRA; around HISPAN ET IND REX Mo (monogram) 8R FM

Edge Description

raised circles and rectangles

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