Medal Reunion de l'Etat Roman a l'Empire 'Incorporation of the Papal States in the French Empire', Issued by Napoleon Bonaparte (Emperor Napoleon I), France, 1809
Artist: Bertrand Andrieu
Minted by Paris Mint

Obverse Description

Laureate head facing right; around, NAPOLEON EMP. ET ROI.; on neck truncation, ANDRIEU F.

Reverse Description

River-god Tiber reclining facing left, his left arm, resting on an urn from which the river flows, holds a cornucopia; his right hand holds a rudder; at his feet a wolf with one of the twins, Romulus or Remus; in the background, a tall mountain topped by the Temple of Peace and the French eagle flying with wings spread and a fulmen in it's talons; in exergue, AQVILA REDVX / M.DCCC.IX.

Edge Description



"On the l7th May, 1809, Napoleon issued, a decree for uniting the papal states to the French Empire, from the first of June following, and abolished the Pope's temporal power, after having tyrannized over Europe for more than one thousand years. To perpetuate this epocha, the French government directed this medal to be struck.

In his speech to the legislative body at its opening this year: he says, "History pointed out to me the conduct I ought to pursue towards Rome. The Popes become sovereigns of part of Italy, have constantly shewed themselves enemies of every preponderating power in the Peninsula; they have employed their spiritual power to injure it. It was then demonstrated to me, that the spiritual influence exercised in my states by a foreign sovereign, was contrary to the independence of France, and to the dignity and safety of my throne. However, as I acknowledge the necessity of the spiritual influence of the descendants of the first of the pastors, I could not conciliate these grand interests, but by annulling the donatives of the French Emperors, my predecessors, and by uniting the Roman states to France."" Laskey p.171

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