Medal 'Attaque d'Anvers et Sejour a Schoenbrunn 'Attack of Anvers and Napoleon Bonaparte at Schoenbruun', Issued by France, 1809
Artists: Joseph F Domard and Alexis J Depaulis
Minted by Paris Mint

Obverse Description

Jupiter seated on throne facing, he holds a staff in his right hand and a thunderbolt in his left; around, JUPITER STATOR; near rim in small lettering, DENON D. DOMARD F.; in exergue, NAPOLEON A SCHOENBRUNN / MDCCCIX

Reverse Description

Turreted female standing facing right, in her right hand an inverted spear; in her left hand a winged caduceus around which a snake entwined; her left foot rests on a ship's prow, the ship has a lion-head ram; in field at right, an open hand rising from a tower; near rim in small lettering, DENON. D. DEPAULIS. F.; in exergue, ANVERS ATTAQUEE / PAR LES ANGLAIS / M.D.CCCIX

Edge Description



"This medal, was struck by the order of the French government, on the attack of Anvers by the English, and the taking possession of the imperial palace of Schoenbrunn at Vienna, by the Emperor Napoleon, where he established the head-quarters of the French army" Laskey p.169

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