Medal Paix de Vienne, 'Peace of Vienna', Issued by France, 1809
Artist: Bertrand Andrieu
Minted by Paris Mint

Obverse Description

Laureate head facing right; around, NAPOLEON EMP. ET ROI.; on neck truncation, ANDRIEU F.

Reverse Description

Napoleon, as the genius of war or Mars, standing facing, head left, crowned with a laurel wreath; in his left hand he holds the blazing torch of war with which he is setting fire to a pile of warlike implements lying on the ground; in his right hand he places the olive branch of peace on an altar; at left in small lettering, ANDRIEU. F. D. D.; in exergue, PAIX DE VIENNE / M DCCCIX

Edge Description



"The decisive battle of Wagram led to an armistice, which the Emperor of Germany was compelled to sue for, which, after a protracted negotiation, was followed by a treaty of peace. According to the terms of this treaty, Austria ceded a great portion of her territory; agreed to a contribution to indemnify France for the expenses of the war, and acknowledged Joseph Bonaparte King of Spain. To the King of Bavaria she gave up Saltzburg, and a tract of country along the banks of the Danube, from Passau to Lintz. To the King of Saxony she yielded the whole of Western Gallicia. To Russia so much of the eastern part of that province as contained a population of 40,000 souls. To France she ceded Fiume and Trieste, with the whole of the country south of the Saave, to where that river enters Bosnia. She also gave up the inhabitants of the Tyrol, on condition of their receiving from Bonaparte a full and free pardon. Such was the fatal effects of the battle of Wagram, which the Austrians gave so favourable an account of, and claimed as a victory. " Laskey p. 179-180

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