Medal Battle of Wagram, Issued by France, 1809
Artist: Luigi Manfredini, Milan, Italy
Minted by Milan Mint

Obverse Description

Head of Napoleon facing right wearing the Iron Crown of Italy; around, NAPOLEO MAGNVS GAL. IMP. IT. REX P.F. AVG. INVICTVS; below in small lettering, L. MANFREDINI F.

Reverse Description

Victory flying right, thunderbolt raised over her head and holding a palm branch in her left hand; around, HOSTIBVS VBIQVE FVSIS CAESIS CAPTIS; in exergue, MDCCCIX

Edge Description



"The Battle of Wagram (July 5–6, 1809) was one of the most important military engagements of the Napoleonic Wars and ended in a decisive victory for Emperor Napoleon I's French and Allied army against the Austrian army under the command of Archduke Charles of Austria-Teschen. The battle virtually spelled the destruction of the Fifth Coalition, the Austrian and British-led alliance against France"

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