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Medal - Melbourne Victorian Exhibition Commemorative 1872 (AD)
Mint: Stokes & Martin
Other Details: This medal was struck by the Melbourne firm Stokes and Martin with a medal press they set up to demonstrate medal making at the 1872-73 Victorian Exhibition. The Exhibition was held 6 November 1872 - 8 January 1873.

Physical Description

A gilt bronze commemorative medal (22 mm diameter) featuring Julius Hogarth's aboriginal portrait and and Australian shield surmounted by a possum.

Obverse Description

BILLI EX : REX : VICT./1872 Head of a bearded Aborigine facing right, Initials I.H under neck truncation.

Reverse Description

STRUCK AT THE EXHIBITION MINT Coat of arms surrounded by a wreath.

Edge Description



Julius Hogarth moved from Sydney to Melbourne to work for Stokes and Martin. His first work in Melbourne was an Aboriginal head for the 1872 Melbourne Exhibition. It was one of the finest pieces yet made in Australia, and it made his employers the outstanding colonial medallists. Hogarth's dies were of world standard. -Sharples, John P. 1990. Medals as art: Australia and the Meszaros tradition, p.16. -D. Tout-Smith 17/9/2003.

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