Australia New South Wales
Dump, 15 Pence 1813 (AD)
Mira dies A/1

Production continued into 1814 but no new dies for that date were cut.

Physical Description

A circular silver coin (19 mm diameter with milled edge) bearing on the obverse a crown with the words around above, NEW SOUTH WALES; and the date below, 1813. The reverse featured the denomination FIFTEEN PENCE in two lines normally separated by the engraver's initial H (on this example, wear has removed the H)

Obverse Description

At centre a crown, around above, NEW SOUTH WALES; below, 1813. The cross on top of the crown is symetrical and points between the letters TH of SOUTH.

Reverse Description

Legend in two lines; FIFTEEN / PENCE . The words are 4.5 mm apart.

Edge Description


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