Australia New South Wales
15 Pence 1813 (AD)
Mira dies A/1

Production continued into 1814 but no new dies for that date were cut.

Physical Description

A circular silver coin (19 mm diameter with milled edge) bearing on the obverse a crown with the words around above, NEW SOUTH WALES; and the date below, 1813. The reverse features the denomination FIFTEEN PENCE in two lines (on this example, the lettering is worn and is difficult to read)

Obverse Description

At centre a crown, around above, NEW SOUTH WALES; below, 1813. The cross on top of the crown is symetrical and points between the letters TH of SOUTH. Straight lines that can be seen on the obverse are part of the Spanish arms from the host coin.

Reverse Description

Legend in two lines; FIFTEEN / PENCE with artist's initial, a tiny letter H between has been worn off this example. The words are 4.5 mm apart.

Edge Description


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