Medal Route de Nice a Rome 'From Nice to Rome', Issued by Napoleon Bonaparte (Emperor Napoleon I), France, 1807
Artists: Bertrand Andrieu and Ramond Gayrard
Minted by Paris Mint

Obverse Description

Laureate head facing right; around, NAPOLEON EMP. ET ROI.; on neck truncation, ANDRIEU F.

Reverse Description

The goddess Fortuna seated on a rocky shore, half draped, her left arm rests on a wheel; her right hand hand is placed on top of the highest mountain; in exergue, ROUTE DE NICE A ROME / MDCCCVII; on exergue line in small lettering, GAYRARD F. DENON DIR.

Edge Description



"The exergue denotes the place of his departure (Nice) on his going to Rome, for the purpose of taking possession of that city and the ecclesiastical states; or the whole of the reverse may probably allude to his route over dreary mountains and rapid rivers during this peregrination." Laskey, p.155

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