Medal Peace of Amiens, Issued by Issued by France, 1802
Artist: Dumarest
Minted by Paris Mint

Obverse Description

Laureate head of Napoleon facing left; around above, NAPOLEON BONAPARTE PREMIER CONSUL; below in small lettering the artist's name; DUMAREST F.

Reverse Description

Standing figure (perhaps representing Napoleon as the Roman god Mars) holding Victory on a globe and extending an olive branch to a reclining female figure wearing a mural crown; she rests on a lion and extends her left hand in a supplicating manner; around, PAIX D AMIENS.; in exergue, LE VI GERMINAL. AN X. / XXVII. MARS / M DCCCII.

Edge Description



"The treaty first states, that there shall be peace and good understanding between the King of Spain, the Batavian Republic on the one part, and the King of Great Britain on the other part: all prisoners to be restored within six weeks, on paying whatever debts they may have contracted; each party to pay whatever advances have been made by others for the support of prisoners ; a commission to be appointed to settle what may be due. The King of England restores all that has been conquered from the Republic of France and her allies, except Trinidad, and the Dutch possessions in Ceylon. The King of Spain gives up the Island of Trinidad to England; the Dutch all that belonged to them in Ceylon previous to the war; the Cape of Good Hope to be restored to them; the ships of the different powers to be allowed to enter the said ports, and purchase whatever they may stand in need of, without paying any additional duties ; the territories of the Sublime Port to be maintained in their integrity ; the Republic of the Seven Islands recognised ; the Islands of Malta, Gozo, and Comino, to be restored to the order of Saint John of Jerusalem, the knights to be invited to return, and proceed to elect a grand master; no individual of France or England to be admitted into the order; the English to evacuate Malta within three months, or, if possible, sooner; one half of the garrison to be native Maltese with Maltese officers; Sicily to be invited to furnish 2000 men to garrison the different fortresses of the Island.

The French to evacuate Naples and the Roman states; and the English, Porto Ferrajo, and all they hold in the Mediterranean or Adriatic; all fortifications to be restored in their present state. Three years to be allowed to the inhabitants of any nation to dispose of their properties; no person to be disturbed for his political opinion; all sequestrations, of whatever nature they may be, to be taken off after the signing of the treaty. The fisheries on the coast of Newfoundland are to be as they were before the war"
Laskey p.48-49

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