Australia New South Wales Herberton
Medal - Herberton Mining Pastoral and Agricultural Association Prize c. 1890 (AD)
Mint: Hardy Brothers, Sydney
Awarded to: Not awarded
Other Details: Herberton Mining Pastoral and Agricultural Association prize medal issued around 1890. Associations such as these provided important support and professional development within the local community. They typically held competitions - such as wood chopping and ploughing competitions - and regular shows in the local region. Herberton, in Queensland's Atherton Tablelands, was established in 1880 as part of the Herbert River tin mining field (the richest tin mining field in Australia at the time) and continued mining activities until 1978. European settlers (British Isles, northern Italy, Germany, Middle East, Greek, Albanian, Sicilian, Swiss, French) were generally involved in either mining for tin or gold, or lumbering. Along with Europeans, many Chinese, Malaysians and Indians came to work the land. The Chinese, mostly market gardeners found prime conditions for maize growing in the Atherton Tablelands. Until 1919, Chinese were responsible for approximately 80% of all maize harvested in the region. Atherton had its own Chinatown and Chinese temple. The timber industry grew into a major force throughout the Atherton Tablelands, with Kauri Pine and Red Cedar being the prized timbers. Today farming is still the major industry at the Atherton Tablelands. Sugar cane, corn, maize, beans, strawberries, macadamia nuts and lettuce have replaced tobacco farms as primary industries. Cattle grazing and chicken rearing are also significant industries.

Physical Description

An unissued bronze prize medal (48 mm diameter) featuring a rural image of horse, bull, ram, ewe, pig, rooster and dog with a steam operated tin mine ion the background together with the name of the society and space to engrave details of a prize.

Obverse Description

A horse,bull, cow, rooster, two sheep, pig and dog in the foreground , in the background two buildings; centre btm. HARDY BROS SYDNEY

Reverse Description

Around empty central area defined by circle of beads, HERBERTON MINING PASTORAL & AGRICULTURAL * ASSOCIATION *

Edge Description


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