1/12 Anna, Issued by India, 1862
Minted by Calcutta Mint

Obverse Description

Crowned and robed bust of the queen facing left; around VICTORIA QUEEN (inverted V at centre of bust truncation)

Reverse Description

Within entwined scrollwork with oak leaves and circle of beads, 1/12 / ANNA / INDIA / 1862

Edge Description



The date 1862 was a frozen date on the coins of all three mint which struck this denomination between 1862 and 1874. Individual mint production can be recognised by the diameter of the coins they produced: 17.4 - 17.5 mm are from Calcutta; 17.6 - 17.7 from Madras and 17.9 - 18.0 mm from Bombay (see Pridmore p.156 for further details)

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