Quinarius issued for Augustus by P. Carisius as his legatus propraetore. Minted by Emerita (in the province of Lusitania), Ancient Roman Empire. Octavian received the title Augustus in 27 BC and, in 23 BC, the powers of the tribunus plebis without the office and was given proconsular imperium. This coin was issued between those important dates while the nature of the Empire was being developed. The north-west of Spain was conquered by Augustus between 26 and 25 BC with the colony of Emerita Augusta being founded as a place where demobilized soldiers (emeritii) could be settled. This coin was struck there under P. Carisius whose tenure ended c. 23 BC at which time the issue ceased.

Obverse Description

Head of Augustus facing left; around, [AVGVST]

Reverse Description

Victory standing facing right crowning a trophy, a dagger and sword at it's base; around [P CARISI] LEG

Edge Description


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