Copper One Penny Token, minted by W.J.Taylor, London. Issued by Flavelle Bros, Opticians & Jewellers, Sydney. Henry Flavelle joined George Brush in an optician and jeweller's business, Flavelle and Brush, in 1840. Brush left the business in 1850 and Flavelle brought in his brother John. By 1855 the brothers were sufficiently prosperous to extend their premises and open a branch in Brisbane. In 1868 the brothers were joined in partnership by John Roberts and the company became known as Flavelle Roberts and Co. The partners' sons were also involved in the business and the premises were expanded. By 1900 the business was both well known and well respected as manufacturer of jewellery. In 1926 another partner, Robert Sankey, joined the company. The business survived until the Great Depression, finally closing in 1932. Among the last products of their workshops were medals commemorating the opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

Physical Description

A round copper token (34 mm dia) featuring the name, address and business of the issuing company Flavelle Bros. & Co. Sydney and Brisbane, Opticians and Jewellers. The reverse depicts an emu and kangaroo facing on a grassy field. This token has been cleaned, the reverse is toning dark green. Flavelle Brothers made two large orders for penny tokens from the private mint of W.J. Taylor in London. Two different obverse and two different reverse dies were employed. This token is characterised by 154 denticles around the rim and reference to the occupation of the firm (opticians and jewellers, see NU 3710 for the first type). The reverse die is characterised by the tall stalk of grass behind the emu which is bent (see NU 18419 for the other reverse form) This token was once thought to be from a third die with two dots under the S of BROS however the second dot was caused by a metal flaw on the die

Obverse Description

At centre between two plain scrolls, ONE / PENNY; around, curved below, OPTICIANS & JEWELLERS; around, FLAVELLE BROs. & Co. . SYDNEY & BRISBANE . A small second dot under the S of BROS was caused by a flaw in the die.

Reverse Description

Emu on left facing kangaroo on right; in exergue in tiny letters, W.J.TAYLOR LONDON

Edge Description


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