Gold coin; Denomination: Triple Unite
Oxford Mint
Charles I (1625-1649)

Obverse Description

Crowned half-length figure of Charles I facing left, wearing armour and holding a sword and olive branch; behind, plume with bands; around, (mm. plume with bands) CAROLVS D G MAG BRIT FRAN ET HI REX

Reverse Description

At centre within a beaded circle, three plumes above the Roman numeral III, below within four wavy lines the Declaration, RELIG PROT / LEG ANG / LIBER PAR; below, 1642; around, EXVRGAT DEVS DISSIPENTVR INIMICI (translation of the declaration: The religion of the Protestants, the laws of England, the liberty of Parliament; translation legend, Let God arise and let His enemies be scattered)

Edge Description


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