A silver tetradrachm coin issued in the Roman Province of Macedonia in the period 90-75 BC
Under Roman Imperial rule, Aesillas Questor
Reference: BMC. Macedon p.19 No.81
Die axis: 12

Obverse Description

Head of Alexander the Great with horn of Ammon and flowing long hair, facing right. Around below the legend in Greek: {MAKEDONION} Behind the head and above the M is the Greek {TH}

Reverse Description

Above a club which is set between a money chest and a quaestor's chair, the latin AESILLAS / Q; all within a ivy wreath

Edge Description



The Roman province of Macedonia was officially established in 146 BC, after the four client republics established by Rome in the region were dissolved, the new province incorporated ancient Macedonia, Epirus, Thessaly, and parts of Illyria, Paeonia and Thrace.

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