Jubilee, International Harvester Co. 1931 (AD)
Mint: not recorded
Other Details: International Harvester Co. medal commemorating the centennial of the 'Reaper' harvester. Issued in 1931, it names Cyrus Hall McCormick as inventor of the Reaper. Son of a Virginian farmer, he developed his father's earlier ideas into a viable harvesting machine capable of harvesting up to fifteen acres of wheat and other grains each day. Without it, only three acres could be cut. McCormick established a manufacturing business that quickly became one of the leading industrial companies in the United States. After his death the compnay merged with several competitors to form the International Harvester Co.

Obverse Description

Bust of McCormick wearing coat and bow-tie facing 3/4 left; above, CYRUS . HALL . McCORMICK in field left 1808 / 1884 in field right, INVENTOR / OF THE / REAPER

Reverse Description

Horse-drawn reaper working right, above, INTERNATIONAL HARVESTOR COMPANY; below, CENTENNIAL OF / THE REAPER / 1831 1931

Edge Description


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