Federated Comonwealth, 1901 1901 (AD)
Mint: not recorded
Other Details: Medal issued to commemorate the establishment of the Commonwealth of Australia in 1901. It depicts Lord Hopetoun, first Governor General of Australia.

Obverse Description

At centre within broad rim a bust of Lord Hopetoun facing 3/4 left; around, LORD HOPETOUN FIRST GOVERNOR-GENERAL; around on broad rim, IN COMMEMORATION OF FEDERATED AUSTRALIA . 1 JAN. 1901

Reverse Description

Britannia seated left, under arch inscribed, UNITY IS STRENGTH; with a capping-stone inscribed FEDER/ATION/1901,on globe which depicts Australia, holds flaming staff in right hand and rests left of Union Jack Shield; around AUSTRALIAN COMMONWEALTH, on ribbon below, ADVANCE. The names of the States are given on the columns of the arch.

Edge Description


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