Medal Baptism of the King of Rome, 1811 (late strike), Issued by France.
Artist: Bertrand Andrieu and B. Lafitte
Minted by Paris Mint

Obverse Description

Full length figure of Napoleon, laureate, full dress, richly embroidered, the imperial mantle over his shoulders and sheathed sword; he holds the infant with both hands in an elevated situation, above an elegant font; on the top of the font is a Capenduncula, across which lies a branch of myrtle, to right, a small coffer (used for holding incense) surmounted by a cross; against the plinth of the font rests a Bible, on the cover, a cross; behind the Emperor, a chair of state ornamented with the letter N within a laurel wreath; in exergue, BAPTEME DU ROI DE ROME / M.DCCCXI; in small lettering near rim above left end of exergue line, the artist's name, ANDRIEU FECIT; on left side of exergue line, LAFITTE DEL.

Reverse Description

Laureate head of Napoleon facing left, on neck truncation, ANDRIEU F.; no legend

Edge Description

Stamped: (Cornucopia) BRONZE


The stamped edge indicates a late strike, in this case 1880-1901. This die combination was not used as part of the original commemorative issue.

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