Medal Fondation de L'ecole des Beaux-Arts a Rome 'French School at Rome', Issued by France & Italy 1812, to commemorate the founding in 1803.
Artist: Jaques Edouard Gatteaux, France
Minted in Rome Mint

Obverse Description

Head of Minerva helmeted facing left; around, a wreath of laurel branches and emblems of the arts; around, ECOLE FRANCAISE DES BEAUX ARTS A ROME RETABLIE ET AUGMENTEE PAR NAPOLEON EN 1803.

Reverse Description

Napoleon, laureate, seated in his full robes of state facing left, he holds in his right hand a laurel wreath; in exergue, E. GATTEAUX. ROME / 1812.

Edge Description



"A medal struck at Rome, by the artist Gatteaux, to commemorate the liberality of Napoleon to the French school of the arts, re-established at Rome, A. D. 1803." Laskey p.216

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