Medal Restoration of Cisalpina, Issued by Italy, 1799
Minted in Milan or Turin

Obverse Description

Bare head facing left, around, BONAPARTE PRIMVS CONSVL; below, ANNO VIII.; below neck in small lettering the artist's name, LEVY

Reverse Description

Hercules, his club and lion skin on the ground behind him, assisting Italy to her feet; in the background, winged Victory inscribes a shield, HOSTIBVS / PROPE / MARENGVM / FVSIS; around above, XII MVNITISSIMIS OPPIDIS VNA DIE AD DEDITIONEM COACTIS; in exergue, RESPVBLICA CISALPINA / RESTITVTA; on exergue line, A. APP. INV. L.F.

Edge Description



The Cisalpine Republic was renamed the Italian Republic

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