1 Penny, Issued by, Bermuda, 1793.
Minted at Soho, Birmingham.
Obverse die by Droz

Obverse Description

Lauteate bust of the King facing right; DROZ F on neck truncation; around, GEORGIVS III D G REX

Reverse Description

A three-masted sailing ship under full sail to left; land on horizon at right; above, BERMUDA; in exergue, 1793

Edge Description



The colonial agent for Bermuda, John Bridgewood, sought the production of this issue from Matthew Boulton on 8 November 1792. The coins were needed quickly so Boulton used an obverse die prepared for a hoped-for British copper coinage at least two years earlier. That die was by Droz who was no longer with the Soho Mint. The working strike coins, 81,942 pieces, were finished by 7 May 1793 with 50 bronzed and 50 copper proofs prepared a few days later.

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