Silver coin; Denomination: Threepence
Tower Mint, London
William and Mary (1688-1694)

Mary was the daughter of James II. For reasons of politics she had married William of Orange, James II nephew and left England to live with him in the Netherlands. When James II lost support, William was invited to invade England and to take over the throne jointly with his wife. James II escaped to France and live there in exile until his death. This coin is listed by Grueber as a Maundy piece.

Obverse Description

Conjoined heads of the King (laureate) and Queen facing right; around, GVLIELMVS ET MARIA D G. Holed behind King's head.

Reverse Description

At the centre a large numeral 3 below a crown; around, MAG BR FR ET HIB REX ET REGINA 1692 (the date is divided by the top of the crown)

Edge Description


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