Gold coin; Denomination: 5 Guineas
Royal Mint, London
Queen Anne (1702-1714)

In 1707 the Act of the Union was passed joining England and Scotland into a single realm. This coin was struck before that and so the shields of England and Scotland are each depicted on the reverse, after the Union the two sets of arms were depicted within a single shield.

The legend on the coin reads as a single title from front to back, it translates as 'Anne by the Grace of God Queen of Great Britain, France and Ireland". The current value of the Guinea was set in 1698 at 21 shillings and 6 pence it remained at this figure throughout the reign of Queen Anne.

Obverse Description

Draped bust of Anne, left; around, ANNA DEI GRATIA

Reverse Description

Crowned shields of England, Scotland, Ireland and France forming a cross shape, with a rose at the centre; between the shields are four sceptres surmounted by an orb, thistle, lis and harp; around, MAG BR . FRA ET . HIB REG 1705, the date being divided by the crown above the English arms.

Edge Description

In raised lettering, + DECVS . ET . TVTAMEN ANNO . REGNI . QVARTO

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