Silver coin: Denomination: Shilling
Tower Mint, London
King William III and Queen Mary II (1688-1694)

Mary was the daughter of Charles II. For reasons of politics she had married William of Orange, Charles II nephew and left England to live with him. On the death of Charles his brother James became King but soon lost control. Mary and her husband were invited to England to take over the throne. They are both depicted on the obverse of their coins.

The reverse of the coin depicts the crowned Royal shield showing the lands controlled - England, Scotland, Ireland and France with the arms of the House Nassau, representing William, at the centre. The legend reads continuously on both sides of the coin and is in abbreviated latin; it translates: William and Mary King and Queen of Great Britain France, and Ireland.

Obverse Description

Laureate conjoined busts of William and Mary facing right; around, GVLIELMVS ET MARIA DEI GRATIA.

Reverse Description

Crowned shields of England, Scotland, France and Ireland forming a cross shape around the arms of Nassau at the centre; in the angles between the shields, the monogram WM above a numeral of the date 1693; around, MAG BR FR ET HI REX ET REGINA.

Edge Description

Diagonal milling ///

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