1 Rupee, Issued by Bombay Presidency, India, 1825-1831
Surat 46 San in the name of Shah Alam with incuse date 1825
Minted by Bombay Mint (with mint name Surat but Bombay privy mark Pridmore type 8)

Note: In this issue the dies were larger than the coin flans with the result that only part of the obverse and reverse legends are found on any coin

Obverse Description

Legend in Persian script, much off flan (full legend translation: The auspicious coin of the Victorious Emperor Shah Alam)

Reverse Description

Julus formula legend in Persian script, much off flan; with 825 of the date 1825 incuse on a plaque (full legend translation: Struck at Surat in the 46th year of his reign of tranquil prosperity)

Edge Description



The Surat mint was closed in 1815 but its name was retained at Bombay which had differentiated its product with small privy marks. The privy marks were continued after the closure of the Surat mint and in 1825 the new feature of the AD date incuse on a plaque was introduced. The reason for this was to mark a change in the silver level of the coins. It was discovered in October 1824 that the silver trial plates at Bombay were incorrect as a result of which all silver coins struck there since 1800 contained a tiny fraction too much silver. From 1825 this was remedied. The date 1825 became another frozen date appearing on all silver coins until 1831. The privy mark on this coin was used from 1825 until 1831.

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