1 Rupee, Issued by India, 1862 (frozen date with 7 year dots on reverse)
Minted by Bombay Mint

Obverse Description

Crowned and robed bust of the queen facing left; around VICTORIA QUEEN

Reverse Description

Within entwined scrollwork of Indian flora, ONE / RUPEE / INDIA / 1862; seven small dots around flower below date

Edge Description



Pridmore records the following attributed to the Times of India but does not record the date (presumably in 1874): 'The Bombay mint adopted the plan of adding dots to its dies in order to indicate the exact year of coining, for between 1862 and 1874 there was no change in the date of the rupee issue. Thus one dot denoted that the rupee was a Bombay one of the year 1863 and eleven dots that it was made in 1873'

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