Proof 1 Rupee, Issued by Bengal, India, 1819
Minted by Calcutta Mint, India

Obverse Description

Persian couplet (Pridmore 11) (translation: Defender of the religion of Muhammad. Shah Alam. Emperor. Shadow of the divine favour, put his stamp on the seven climes.)

Reverse Description

Persian Julus formular (Pridmore 13) (translation: Struck at the mint of Murshidabad in year 19 of his reign of tranquil prosperity)

Edge Description

Milled (vertical)


This issue was authorised under Regulation XIV 1818, effective from 1 January 1819. As part of an ongoing move to produce a uniform currency, the weight of the 19 san sicca was increased. The change was marked by the introduction of vertical milling on the edge of the coins and, on the rupee, a five-pointed star below the Persian letters 'Bad' near the rim at 9 o'clock on the obverse. All coins of this issue were minted at Calcutta which retained it's mint mark of a small dot above the two beads to left of centre on the first line of the legend.

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