1 Rupee, Issued by India, 1912
Minted by Bombay Mint

Obverse Description

Crowned and draped bust of the King facing left, the King is wearing the Imperial Crown and the ermine Robe of State, the Collar of the Most Eminent Order of the Indian Empire, and the Badge of the Most Honourable Order of the Bath; around, GEORGE V KING EMPEROR; on bust truncation, the artist's initials, BM

Reverse Description

Within a double line circle; ONE / RUPEE / INDIA / 1912 / persian legend (Yek rupiya; translation: one rupee); around, within an outer double line circle, a scrollwork containing a rose, thistle and shamrock on either side and a lotus flower, closed at the top and open at the bottom); small bead below open lotus flower

Edge Description



This type was first issued in 1911, released for the Durbah Day (12 December) but the elephant on the obverse was found by some to resemble a pig. For the 1912 issue the elephant was re-worked.

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