Proof 1/2 Cent, Issued by, Nova Scotia, Canada, 1864
Minted by Royal Mint, London

Obverse Description

Laureate bust of the Queen facing left; around, VICTORIA D:G: BRIT: REG: F:D:

Reverse Description

Within a wreath of roses and mayflowers, a beaded circle around a crown above the date 1864; around above, HALF CENT; below, NOVA SCOTIA

Edge Description



In 1859 Nova Scotia adopted the decimal system. Their dollar would equal 1/5 th of a pound sterling. In Nova Scotia therefore the British 6 pence, a coin in circulation in Nova Scotia, equaled 12 1/2 cents so Nova Scotia needed a 1/2 cent denomination so that change could be given for a 6 pence.

This coin formed part of the Mint's exhibit at both Melbourne International Exhibitions

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