Alternative name: fridge.
This is an electric, Astor, Spacemaker Automatic 12, white refrigerator. It has an extra-large storage capacity, and is manufactured from sheet metal, circa 1940-1960.
This fridge was made by Astor, a division of Electronic Industries Ltd, Melbourne Victoria. It was donated to the museum by the manufacturer. This fridge was sectioned by the museum to demonstrate its insulation (polyurethane) and the ice free structure of the freezer compartment.

Physical Description

An extra-large, electric, square shouldered, sheet metal, white refrigerator. DOOR: full height, hinged at right on corners. A magnetic locking mechanism. Middle right a decorative logo applied. HANDLE - double handle middle left. A central badge where the two D-shape sections meet. BACK: compression unit at base of fridge exposed. 1/2 height grill above. Fridge has been sectioned and sealed shut. The sectioning shows the insulation (polyurethane) and the ice free freezer compartment.

More Information

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    Home & Community

  • Acquisition Information

    Donation from Electric Industries Pty Ltd, 29/11/1967

  • Manufacturer

    Astor Electronics Pty Ltd (A Division of Electronic Industries Ltd), Australia, 1940-1960

  • Inscriptions

    DOOR: decorative logo a snow flake and "ASTOR/ spacemaker (in script)". HANDLE - central badge "AUTOMATIC 12". BACK: yellow label on compression unit "TECUMSEH/ MADE IN AUSTRALIA UNDER THE CONTROL AND TO THE SPECIFICATIONS OF THE TRADEMARK OWNERS, TECUMSEH PRODUCTS COMPANY U.S.A./ THE USE OF ANTIFREEZE SOLUTION NOT PERMITTED." Metal disk applied to compression unit "E106-1/ 0/2 00 620103 K.R.U. A65ZF9/ 240 V 50CY AC 1/5 H.P. 1PH/ K12 ?? AMPS 1.3". Stencilled in yellow on compressor "INSP." Upper centre of unit stencilled "AR25A AR25A BLUE". Upper centre metal disk "REFRIGERATOR/ MODEL AR25A/ SERIAL NO. 24904/ 210-240 VOLTS 50 CYCLES/ A.C. ONLY 1-50 AMPS/ REFRIGERANT R12 7 oz +- 1/8 oz/ TEST PRESSURE 250 LBS./ SQ. IN./ ASTOR/ MANUFACTURED BY/ A DIVISION OF/ ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES LTD." 2 stamps, diamond lozenges, middle left "ELECT/ INSP. No. 3 OK/ TEST" "ELECT/ INSP. No. 2 OK/ TEST" .

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    Astor (Refrigerators)

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    Domestic life, Food & drink preservation, Appliances - electric

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    History & Technology

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  • Overall Dimensions

    70.5 cm (Length), 68.5 cm (Width), 152.2 cm (Height)

  • Other Dimensions

    7 cm (Length), 68.7 cm (Width), 146 cm (Height)

  • Keywords

    Electric Appliances, Household Appliances, Refrigeration