Remote (remote control) cut-off pentode. Used for RF and IF amplification in radio receivers, manufactured by Philips (Holland) in the 1930s and introduced in1934

The side contact base used on this valve was introduced by Philips and Telefunken in 1934 and was used by them and some others until the 1940s. This base was widely referred to as the "P" base.
It was designed to retain the valve in its socket but it made the valves hard to remove and frequently the bulb would separate from the base before the base from the socket as has happened in the case of this item.

4 volt indirectly heated cathode.

Physical Description

Eight pin side contact base with top cap. Glass bulb with gold coloured metallic screening coating. Base is loose. A common problem with side contact bases was that they came undone because they were designed to be held firmly in the socket!

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