Swedish or Norwegian bridal ornament made from silver gilt with imitation garnets inset. This type of ornament was worn by brides in both Sweden and Norway and is known as a sølje. The jewelry normally consists of a setting of sterling silver from which hang tear shaped "spoons" in either silver or gold metal. The background piece will often have an interesting edge design, such as a crown, or a scalloped surround. Solje pieces were traditionally used to add accenting to traditional costumes, pieces of Solje jewelry were often given as wedding presents, for Christenings and other special occasions, etc. The Solje pieces were meant to represent the sun, and were worn on collars and cuffs, normally as brooches and pins.

Physical Description

Silver gilt with imitation garnets inset. The ornament has eleven round silver gilt discs in attached to the body of the ornament. There is a small loop at the top of the ornament.

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