Working steamable scale model of Robert Stephenson & Sons 0-4-0 well-tank type 5-ft 3-in gauge steam locomotive engine of 1857, known as the Hobson's Bay Locomotive No.5. Pier shunting locomotive. Approx 1:8 scale.

The model was built by John Satchell, while he was working as an apprentice mechanic at Langlands Foundry and was awarded a medal when it was displayed in the Intercolonial Exhibition of Victoria, 1866-67. His father, James Satchell, was a foreman at Langlands and had previously worked for the Hobson's Bay Railway Co. John later sold the model to Professor Kernot of the University of Melbourne in 1887 and used the proceeds to buy a block of land at Caulfield.

The original engine on which the model was based was one of two small locomotives built by Robert Stephenson & Sons, of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, in 1857, for the Melbourne & Hobson's Bay Railway Company and was used for shunting goods trunks on Railway Pier at Sandridge (now Port Melbourne). In 1876 it was acquired by the Victorian Railways along with all other assets of the Hobsons Bay Railway Company and was retained in service until 1904.

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