The US naval frigate Constitution was built in Edmond Hartt's Shipyard in Boston and launched in 1797. During her naval service the ship served with in the Mediterranean and subsequently against the British navy during the war of 1812-1815 during which Constitution engaged and dismasted the British frigate Guerriere. It was during this action that the ship gained its nickname 'Old Ironsides' for its oak and cedar hull construction which resisted canonfire. Later the British frigate Java was also engaged and heavily damaged by Constitution's canonfire. Following peace in 1815, the Constitution once again served in the Mediterranean. The public popularity of the ship ensured it survived being scrapped in the early 1830s. In 1844 Constitution even sailed around the world and served as a training ship for Northern midshipmen during the American Civil War. The ship has been restored and is preserved in Boston as a US national memorial.

This 1:120 scale model of the Constitution was made by Mr S. Rea and was purchased by the Museum in 1960.

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